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Q & A about the book Otuna's Flute

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

How did you come up with the name Otuna?

I like combining names to make it sound unique, and that’s where I got the name Otuna. It is a combination of Otis and Una.

How about the name Jimmy White?

The name Jimmy White just popped into my head and I pictured a boy with curly blonde hair.

Who designed the map?

When I was still writing the book, I already envisioned of how it should look like. I had created a draft even before I found an illustrator. I was very specific on where to place the cities. The illustrator had done a good job, but I came up with something to add to it. So, I still made a couple of changes in Photoshop after.

What was your most favorite part in writing Otuna's Flute?

I loved the part when I was writing the story without thinking of the sentences yet, just the story. Writing down everything I could think of, creating the characters, inventing the names, and building the world of Verunia.

And your least favorite part?

Rewriting and editing.

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